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Ashton swimming baths
« on: May 19, 2009, 05:02 PM »
Hi Gay just been to tamside family history site .My mum & dad were committee members of the swimming club in the 50s and in fact i swam a half mile in those baths on 29th may 1960 . Tommy Gordon and Ralph Platt were chairman & hon.secretary.Is the baths still in a state of disrepair?.I think meg must be about my age as she remembers the whit walks i have one photo only of that .As far as albion is concerned both my uncle & aunt sang in their choir.


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Re: Ashton swimming baths
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2009, 09:15 PM »
Hi The Old Baths is still in disrepair . I am also about Megs age I remember her Dad who was in the Boys Brigade I was also a BB  Officer and help to form the Anchour boys at Charlestown a branch of Albion. The Whit Walks will be takinking Place soon but there is not many Churches left to take part now These ones of hand Charlestown,Albion, Christ Church , St James , St Peters, I think last year there was 7 churches but some of these are on the decline nobody seems to be bothered they go shopping now on Sundays instead. Fudge


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Re: Ashton swimming baths
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2009, 10:55 PM »
Hello Thea and Fudge,

Is it the memories page you have been reading on my webpage?  Meg very kindly gathered together some of these to put on my website.  I remember reading about her experience of swimming classes and yes we are the same age and I went to the same lessons, but from a different class.  My experience was just the same as Meg's.  I never even got my length certificate and don't think I ever got further than clutching a cork float and kicking my legs.

Funnily when I took my two babies swimming so they would learn young and not be like me, I managed to do three lengths straight off.  Must have been the regimentation and the same view of the instructor's long, large, pink drawers which put me off.

Also my Dad was a Protestant from Armagh and my Mum a Belgian Catholic (loads of prejudice), so as children we were brought up with no religion.  I was always jealous of everybody who could walk in the whit walks, but we used to bring the chairs out from my grandma's house on Katherine Street and watch.  I loved the sound of the marching bands and all the girls' white dresses.
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