Author Topic: New Discussion Forum - please read this first!  (Read 7387 times)


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New Discussion Forum - please read this first!
« on: May 04, 2009, 12:06 PM »
Welcome to the new Discussion Forum for

This new forum replaces the one that was here before, which was no longer working properly.

Like the old forum, this one is hosted on my own web space, so there are no pop-ups or other advertisements.

You may notice that next to the date is a plus or minus sign. Clicking the plus will open up an area showing information such as unread posts since your last visit or new replies to your posts, along with a search panel. Clicking the minus will hide this area.

Please feel free to start new topics. I have arranged the board into a number of subject areas, so see which subject best fits your topic. I have created new areas for talking about Ashton and other local places, leaving the "general discussion" area for wider topics that are not purely local.

Please enjoy, and let me know of any problems!