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Which Ashton pubs would you recommend these days? My drinking days are way back when.

Our only village pub was taken over last year and refurbished.  I didn't mind a bit of a change but it ended up looking like a London wine bar - with matching prices!  I've been in a few times since the changes but it's lost it's heart  :(

when we want to go out to a pub we find either AShton utd. or Lord Nelson, Nook Lane very friendly and reasonable prices but must admit it's cheaper but not sociable to buy from supermarkets and we like to talk to people so it's good to have a nice local.

When me and my two friends go out in Ashton we go to the Ashtree a bottle of wine is about 6 so it works out cheaper than glasses. But other drinks are reasonable and you can pay a bit extra for double if you drink shorts .And the place is always a bit more liverly Fudge

hi one time you could choose a good pub in the town centre ,or a good local in your neighbourhood ,but the pubs of ashton are fewer and fewer these days , ashton being cut in half at night time as not helped , i glad some of the good pub that have not changed there names are still going , the feathers , bowling green, prince of orange , and the tontine . and albion .please add to this list  :D  :D


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