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Directions and Help
« on: May 16, 2009, 08:06 PM »
I am visiting my son who is living in Richmond (outside of london) I have just found that my fathers family goes back to 1806 to Ashton Under Lyne. It also says Stalybridge and chesire and lancashire. I would love to come up to see where they lived. Can anyone tell me what would be the best way. Train , Rent a car??? Also is there a place I can go and get marriage certificate, death certificates etc. Would it be better for me just to go to the archives in Kew. I really would love to see the area.I am from Los Angeles so I know I wont get back here again. thank you in advance.  Pam


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Re: Directions and Help
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2009, 08:29 PM »
Hello Pam. You can get a train from Euston to Manchester Piccadilly and hire a car from there. Ashton is about 7 miles to the east of the City Centre, and Stalybridge is the next town on from Ashton. Not sure where to get Marriage & Death Certificates from ( Dukinfield Town Hall maybe ) But someone else will know who comes on the board. Hope you Like what see and get your Information.
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Re: Directions and Help
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2009, 09:23 PM »
There is a bus (219) every few minutes that calls at Fairfield Street, at the side of Piccadilly Station, to Ashton, if you haven't got too much luggage.

Alternatively, depending on where you were going to stay and how much luggage you had, you could get a train from Piccadilly to Stalybridge (the fare from London to Stalybridge should be the same as the fare from London to Manchester Piccadilly).  You could then get a bus or a taxi from Stalybridge to Ashton.

(The trains to Ashton leave from Manchester Victoria, which is a nuisance to get to because the Metrolink tracks are being re-laid. so the trains to Stalybridge are easier.)


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Re: Directions and Help
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2009, 09:36 PM »
Hi Pam Dukinfield town hall as the office for bmd certificates if you go on Cheshire free bmd to get which cert you want you can print the forms and fill them in before going make it a lot easier Fudge


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Re: Directions and Help
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2009, 10:06 AM »
Hello Pam,

If you can only spend a very limited amount of time up here, it could be a good idea to order things for collection before you set off.

I notice that you are looking for information around 1806, this is well before birth and marriage certificates were issued, so you will need to be looking in church parish registers.  I am willing to have a preliminary look for you, since it is sometimes quite difficult to understand church and parish boundaries around here.

If you could provide us with a little more information, there are people here who can come up with suggestions.

Meanwhile you can have a look at my Tameside Family History website:

very best wishes,
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Re: Directions and Help
« Reply #5 on: May 18, 2009, 08:14 PM »
I am right next to Kew Gardens and I have heard they have a archive building here. I dont know if that might be the place to start.
I will give you an example of the information I do have. The furthest back I can go is James Blanchflower  b. Stalybridge. m: margaret in 1856
in 1881 his district was Ashton Under Lyne. Old St George Parish.
sud dis  Hartshead. I know he was born about 1836/37 and died 1906 . he was married in 1856
They lived at 5 Old st in 1881.
I think his parents names were also James b. about 1811 to a woman named Ann . Also lived in  Aston under Lynn.
I know its a lot but I would like to know even more.
would it serve me to come up there to find out more do you think??


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Re: Directions and Help
« Reply #6 on: May 18, 2009, 09:41 PM »
Hi Found a m for James Blanchflower and Margaret Ward Ashton Civil marriage cert number is RM/13/187 . Looked for births could not find It looks like Irish connections for both of them on census if they are the right ones. Fudge

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« Reply #7 on: May 18, 2009, 10:35 PM »
1841 census transcription details for:
RG number:  HO107      Piece:  533      Book/Folio:  10/5      Page:  3           
Address: Half Street, Stayley Bridge
BLANCHFLOWER, James   M 30  1811  Ireland
BLANCHFLOWER, Ann   F 35  1806  Ireland
BLANCHFLOWER, Mary   F 13  1828  Lancashire
BLANCHFLOWER, Thomas   M 11  1830  Lancashire
BLANCHFLOWER, Ann   F 7  1834  Lancashire
BLANCHFLOWER, James   M 5  1836  Lancashire
BLANCHFLOWER, Charles   M 1  1840  Lancashire

Ann looks to have died aged 46 in 1848 registered in Dukinfield.

1851 Census:
HO107; Piece: 2237; Folio: 40; Page: 72.
2  Back Princes Street, Dukinfield.

James Blanchflower 51  born Ireland. House Keeper
Mary Blanchflower 27   Lancashire, Cotton Operative
Thomas Blanchflower 20  Cheshire, Cotton Operative
James Blanchflower 15  Cheshire, Cotton Operative
Charles Blanchflower 11  Cheshire.

James Blanchflower married Margaret Ward in Civil Ceremony in 1856
1861 census transcription details for:  10, Mount Street, Stalybridge.
National Archive Reference:
RG number:  RG09      Piece:  2999      Folio:  65      Page:  53
BLANCHFLOWER, James, Head Married M24 1837 Cotton Spinner
Stalybridge, Cheshire.
BLANCHFLOWER, Margaret, Wife Married F26 1835 House Minder
Bolton, Lancashire.
BLANCHFLOWER, Sarah Ann, Daughter F3 1858 House Minder
Stalybridge, Cheshire.
BLANCHFLOWER, John, Son Unmarried M1 1860 House Minder.
Stalybridge, Cheshire

1871 census transcription details for:  Ayrton Street,  Stalybridge. 

RG number:  RG10      Piece:  4086      Folio:  81      Page:  43.
BLANCHFLOWER, James Head   M 35  1836  Lancashire
BLANCHFLOWER, Margaret Wife   F 35  1836  Lancashire.
BLANCHFLOWER, Sarah A Daughter   F 14  1857  Lancashire
BLANCHFLOWER, John Son   M 11  1860  Lancashire
BLANCHFLOWER, James Son   M 7  1864  Lancashire
BLANCHFLOWER, Earnest Son   M 2  1869  Lancashire
BLANCHFLOWER, William Son   M 5  1866  Lancashire.

1881 census transcription details for:  5, Old St, Ashton Under Lyne 
RG number:  RG11      Piece:  4056      Folio:  130      Page:  2           
BLANCHFLOWER, James Head Married  M 44  1837 Mule Minder Cotton (Cm)
BLANCHFLOWER, Margaret Wife Married  F 45  1836 Housekeeper
BLANCHFLOWER, John Son Single  M 21  1860 Cotton Mule Piecer (Ma)
BLANCHFLOWER, James Son Single  M 17  1864 Cotton Mule Piecer (Ma)
BLANCHFLOWER, William Son Single  M 15  1866 Cotton Mule Piecer (Ma) Stalybridge.
BLANCHFLOWER, Ernest Son Single  M 12  1869 Scholar Stalybridge.
BLANCHFLOWER, Amelia Dau F 7 Scholar, Stalybridge.

Margaret died in 1888 and James then married Maria Lunn in 1890 in a civil ceremony.
1891 census transcription details for:
RG number:  RG12      Piece:  3291      Folio:  38      Page:  20           

Address: 23, Cross Leech Street, Dukinfield, Cheshire.

BLANCHFLOWER, James Head Married  M 54  1837 Minder Cotton
BLANCHFLOWER, Maria Wife Married  F 46  1845

MONAGHAN, Margt Boarder Single  F 33  1858 Speed Tenter In Cotton Mill
Stalybridge, Cheshire.

1901 census transcription details for:
RG number:  RG13      Piece:  3796      Folio:  31      Page:  14           
Address: 69, Spring Bank Street, Stalybridge (Cheshire).
BLANCHFLOWER, James Head Married  M 65  1836 Self Actor Minder Cotton
Stalybridge, Cheshire.
BLANCHFLOWER, Maria Wife Married  F 56  1845
Stalybridge, Cheshire.
MONOGHAN, Margaret Boarder Single  F 40  1861 Cotton Frame Tenter
Stalybridge, Cheshire.
Maria died 1904 "aged 53". Christened on 14 November 1840 The daughter of James Lunn and Sarah (nee Marsden)
1851 Census:
HO107; Piece: 2238; Folio: 57; Page: 62;
28 Spring Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire.

John Ward 70  Propiertor if Cottages born Ireland.
Sarah Ward 62  born Leigh, Lancashire.
Maria Ward 36  born West Leigh, Lancashire.
Amelia Ward 30  born Leigh, Lancashire.
Elina Ward 32  born Leigh, Lancashire.
Mary Ward 16  boen Turton, Lancashire.
Margaret Ward 14  born Turton, Lancashire. Frame Tenter.

1841 Census:
HO107; Piece 533; Book: 10; folio 41 page 23.
Back Cross Street, Hartshead.
John Ward 55  Labourer born Ireland.
Sarah Ward 45 
Sarah Ann Ward 25 
Maria Ward 23 
Amelia Ward 19 
John Ward 17 
Ellener Ward 13 
Mary Ward 6 
Margret Ward 4 
Sarah Ann Ward 3