Author Topic: The Ubiquitous google.  (Read 85 times)


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The Ubiquitous google.
« on: August 31, 2019, 11:38 AM »
Hi All, A friend of my phoned this morning asking how he could stop being, as he put it, "followed on the internet". As he was phoning from Northern Namibia you can imagine how much it was costing him for the advice. This is what I Advised. (if anyone wants to make his or her internet surfing safer they can look into it as well).

!/ Install FIREFOX. (a must). DELETE Internet Explorer or as it is called today, Microsoft Edge.
2/ Make STARTPAGE your homepage and your default search engine.
3/ install the following ADD ONS: BROWSEC VPN. (I use the paid one. But you can use a free version). AdBlock. uBlock. Privacy Badger. Disable webRTC. Smart HTTPS. and WOT.

There are many more ADD ONS the choice is your own which one's to use.

This will make your surfing a lot safer. There are more things you can do to protect yourself but then that means entering your registry (which is NOT for the faint hearted). There is another option which is to have a duel boot system (Windows AND Linux) But again not for the faint hearted (I have one of my laptops duel booted). I also run a 'linuxLive' USB. (very handy)

I also use Kaspersky anti virus (about 24 per year) I think it is the best out there. (Russian).

As for emails I use THE BAT (about 52 a year). It comes with built in PGP, GnuPG and S/MIME Support.

I know the above will help my friend (gain peace of mind) and hopefully one or two on the forum.

Just a thought....


PS. After his phone call charge it might have been cheaper to buy a new computer!!