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Problem with Tameside Image Archive site?

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Son of Nomad:
I have been trying to get into Tameside Image Archive for several days now but I keep getting 'Unable To Connect' message. Tried various searches but am going round in circles. Does anyone know of a problem or if it has changed its URL?

Just tried it, no problem logging into

Possibly time for a cookie clean ?.

Son of Nomad:
I've already been on that link Kiwi but no joy. Is it because I won't be bullied into clicking the 'Accept' button regarding the 'cookie' thing?

Not sure, I don't remember ever clicking an "Accept" button to access the site, have you tried complaining to the council IT people in a harsh font ?.  ;)

Son of Nomad:
Just tried again by clicking the 'Access the Tameside Image Archive' link but still no success. Will send a polite enquiry to them.


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