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I'm still here Joan.
Passed on the twitter and facebook thingy.
I tend not to log in,so that can account for the perceived loss of presence.
I just end up as a visitor.(Guest) so no trace record.

Hi Jaywit.....who's Joan?   Perhaps it's someone I missed from the past?    I also don't belong to any of the popular "social media" sites as I have enough problems just remembering my own name, let alone all the various ones we'd have to create as passwords for them!   :o  Joyce  ;D

sorry JOYCE!!!
I'm not quite where you are on the age curve but getting there too  quickly lately.
I only know 2 Joans and one isn't with us and the other,I don't know.

Hi still here,sometimes I come on as a guest and sometimes I log in but not at 3 am in the morning  :D

Howdy to all here right now.... this old-timer often online at 3:00am - watchin 2018 World cup as I write this.

Germany v Sweden will start in 50 mins

Larry E.


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