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Due to my geographical location I'm often awake whilst many other members of this forum are knocking out the ZZZZZZ's while curled up in their flea-pits. It's often interesting to click on the "Users Online" to see who is logged on, usually it's KENNETHO or Jaywit or other users from the colonies in the Northern Hemisphere. Usually there's up to 30 odd people on line, even if half of these are 'bots' there's obviously a fair few still using the forum which begs the question "Who are these 'visitors' and secondly why would a handful of them want to view members profiles ??  :)

Edited to add, the times are NZ so in A-U-L time just after 4 in the morning.

I've often wondered the same thing myself, Kiwi, now that there are so few "old timers" who post these days but always lots of "guests".        I mostly check in about twice a day just to see what's happening, if anything.    It's not like it used to be though when there were loads of regulars who became great friends, but then nothing is the same as it was when I first found Ashton site.   
It's lovely to know that you're soon to be off on your new life-style and adventures and I wish you and Mrs. Kiwi all the very best and happiness.   I was wondering though - will you still be posting on here, or will we lose you too?    Have a great day!   (It's 6:50AM here now).    Joyce

I come on two or three times a day to get updated and check my web cams but site not like it use to be Fudge

Hi Joyce, hopefully I'll still be able to post on here, haven't got round to sorting a modem and things for the new home on wheels but it should be do-able  ;)

A lot of people are on Facebook these days.


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