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brian seward:
  By Golly, I was in a store yesterday and on the Import shelf was a bottle of Robertson's jam.  Are they still in business? and I recall when I was Young many years ago They used to give out lapel badges when you sent in so many labels! which also got me to thinking if anyone has one of the badges or can be they obtained ?.

My Mom used to work at Robertson Jam Works way, way back (before WW2) and so when I was a very little girl I had a few lapel "gollywog" badges.  I loved them.   With my habit of "keeping everything" I get my hands, why, oh why didn't I save one for now?   Sorry Brian.   ;D ;D

if you google Robertson"s jam  you will get some info .. i also read a couple of weeks ago a landlord had a pup in England i think and he had a very large collection of the golly"s behind his bar although some people complained he told them they could get the beer at other pubs if they wish...

My Mum used to work at Robbies in the 70's, she used to peel the gooseberries and she'd often take the gollies for a stroll along the canal bank at dinner times.

The Tameside Museum has quite a good collection of Gollies in their Robertson's show case.


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