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« on: January 26, 2018, 12:17 PM »
HI I see andy burnham wants a extra 6to 18 towards the austerity fund will that entail the rise we get every twelve months on our council tax, or will the 6  !8 be over  12 months and not monthly .i think when they demand.! it get our back up ,i still blame the government for causing the austerity and i can see it only getting worse north of watford will they then blame brexit more money is spent down south and with this extra payment will we see more police on the streets and better services like transport and services that are running on the minimum budget  and the homeless [rough sleepers which is going worse throughout greater manchester we will see  what the next twelve month brings before we can judge the mayor who as been thrown in to a job which as been underfunded , blame the government again for that