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Mayors of Ashton

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Son of Nomad:
I've checked my copy of Winifred Bowman's book 'Five Thousand Acres of Old Ashton' thinking it might help but no luck. She does give lists of other obscure official posts going way back but unfortunately no mayoral information.

And there is nothing showing up for Mayors in Ashton or the other areas next time I am in the Archives I will check there Fudge

Very many thanks Fudge, much appreciated.

Hi I have been to the Archives today they had a brilliant book with all the Mayors in from 1847 in Ashton and other districts up till they became Mayors of Tameside and it listed them There was just one John Holland he was Mayor from 1964 - 1965 He cold be the relative it would have made him about 55 years old  hope this helps you Fudge

Very many thanks Fudge, that's terrific news. I am eternally grateful.


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