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Mayors of Ashton

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You are welcome I have had help in the past and now if I can help anyone I will  Fudge

Was at the Archives yesterday I have the front page cover of the Reporter I don't know if you knew he was knocked down near his home on a sunday night and he died early hours monday  he had also he was dept Mayor 1966 1967 there is a photo of him and it tells you about his career and his wife name May and son John he was 65 gives his funeral date  and were he was living his funeral was on friday 17th May 1974 Fudge

Fudge, very many thanks, I didn't know any of this information, although my cousins might. Is it possible to get copies of past Reporters? If so to whom does one apply please?

If you dont mind giving me your address in the private message box I will gladly send you the copy I will also see if thet have his Obitary and get a copy of it Fudge


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