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Mayors of Ashton

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Would any members have any information on previous mayors of Ashton-under-Lyne.  I have a particular interest in a JOHN HOLLAND or maybe JOHN CORRINGTON HOLLAND.  The former is the son of the latter.

Hi I have found the birth of a John Carrington Holland born 1883 in Ashton mothers maiden name Howard that is the only one close to Corrington been on a site looking for Mayors in Ashton but none showing a John Holland see if I can dig deeper Fudge

Many thanks, have that birth too, along with son in 1908.

1911 census John Corrington Holland was maried to Sarah Jane Dooley there were two children living John Holland  and a sister Mary Beatrice 2 children had died Fudge

Yep agree I have all this info thanks. I am trying to ascertain if a John Holland actually became mayor of Ashton and if so when?


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