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1930's = 1940's Game - Pegotty

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--- Quote ---Pegity is a board game similar to Gomoku and tic-tac-toe, and is intended for two to four players. Parker Brothers introduced the game in 1925,[1] and continued to produce it through the 1960s. The box includes wooden pegs in four colors and a cardboard game board divided into a 16 by 16 grid. The object of the game is for a player to place five pegs of a single color in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Its instructions also included patterns for creating designs on the game board as an alternative to playing the game.
--- End quote ---

Hi Greeny and Kiwi......I think it more likely that what you suggested and describe as a card game could be the very one mentioned in the context of the book.  It sounds much more reasonable for more than one person and of various ages to be playing it.  Thanks, so much!!   Now I can at least reasonably rest my brain thinking of it.   ;D

Hi Joyce, Yes we used to play Peggy with the "peggy" and the stick. What you were describing was a "Whip and Top". You curled the strap of the whip around the top and, if you were agile enough, you flipped the whip, got the top spinning and whipped it along. Clever kids could keep it going for quite a time. I don't know what today's children would think of our entertainment, but we had fun didn't we?

Sorry for being late with the answer, Has a week in hospital. On he mend now though. Stay well (me included) Ayess

Get well son Ayess Fudge

hi the best free game that i played was hide and seek still enjoyed to day there were so many ,who invented them and how long have they been going what was your favourite ? :)


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