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1930's = 1940's Game - Pegotty

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Hi, you Oldies - or at least anyone who was around during WWII!   :)       

I'm re-reading a series of really good U.K. books by Elizabeth Jane Howard about a family, (the Cazalets), and their activities and lifestyle during WWII.    Both young children and even older grown-ups mention they will  "have a game of "Pegotty"!   That's the correct spelling.   

I do not remember such a game in my early years and wondered if any of you very smart people can?   They lived both in London and Essex, but I'm sure it wasn't just relative to that area of the U.K. 

I've already searched the internet in several ways, but not one item has turned up a real answer, or even a mention (except as a person's name in a different book).     Now it's bugging the daylights out of me - was it a card game, a board game, or something else?   I thought I knew most of the games of those days in the U.K. but this one has stumped me.  Any answers would be very much appreciated, please and thank you   Joyce   ;D ;D


we used to play a game called peggy  or  piggy you used a thing like a bung out of a barrelhit the tapered end with a stick when it rose in the air you had to hit it as far as you could then give the other team so many strides to reach it if they did it they won the pionts

Son of Nomad:
That's right KENNETHO - we used to play the game on the football pitch at Waterloo Council School (Waterloo Primary School now I think). You cut 3 inches off the end of a broom handle, taper one end and place this 'peggy' on a pile of bricks so the tapered end protrudes off the bricks. Then you hit the point with a stout stick and whack it when it (hopefully) flips into the air. You then offer your opponent a number of strides between the base and where the peggy lands. If they succeed they get the points otherwise you get the points. Of course the trick is to just underestimate the number of strides possible so you maximise your points. Simple pleasures but a good game. (I'm not sure if this answers Joyce's question though).

Thanks so much for your replies SofN and Kennetho. 

I too remember that particular game you both described, except we had a bought "peg" that had a round flat top and sort of straight wooden piece attached underneath (about two inches long) that had a little metal ball at the bottom.  Then you had a whip attached to a stick, wound this leather whip around the base of the peg, and hoped it would fly off and then spin for a long time while you kept whipping the base to keep it going. 

That was all I could remember of what we used to call our version of "peggy" , but the children in the book and, more importantly, two old ladies saying that "they would have a game afterwards", didn't seem to me to be either of what I remembered, or your own two explanations.  Perhaps it was just the name for something quite different than what we played around 1937/38, etc.   The reason I say that is again because I can't see two old ladies (in their 70's) firing off the "peg" and then guessing the number of strides it would take to reach it.     :o :o   Joyce  ;D


Hi joyce could pegotty been a card game where you had all the cards face down and you had to get match by turning two cards over? If that's not it someone will come up with your your answer i know that games played in different parts of the country had had a different name but I found the games that were made up were the best  ;D


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