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Is there ANYBODY who wasn't at it during the 70's ?.

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Ken Dodd is going to have to be careful were he puts is tickling stick from now on.

Son of Nomad:
Personally I don't think money is behind the surge in allegations. The big difference nowadays is that victims have the confidence to speak out, knowing they will be taken seriously and have their allegations investigated. It's unfortunate that many of the allegations are 'historic' and may be difficult to prove without witnesses or confessions.

In the past and not so distant past, women were reluctant to come forward to make accusations of sexual assault because they feared their allegations would not be taken seriously. In the jimmy Saville case many of the women said that once it became cear that the police were investigating, that ave them the courage to speak up. Another factor is that being sexually abused can make women and men feel ashamed though it's their fault and ' they must have asked for it'

Meg is spot on.  Lots of girls in the 60s despite Women's Lib were still tarred with being complicit and for putting themselves in the situation in the first place. Reputations could be ruined and some boys were quite vile bullies at the time.

Newsflash - "Debby Harry is the latest star to be questioned by police, its alleged that she caused 1000s of teenage boys to abuse themselves in the late 70s".

Where do I line up for some compo.  ;)


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