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Ashton Technical College (Hegginbottom School for Boys?)

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brian seward:
I also recall a young chap in our class  (Jack Stringfellow) who was caned 5 on each hand, which left his hands in poor shape.His father came to the school the next day and played hell with the head and the teacher. Cannot recall what happened after that , But imagine if that occurred nowadays there would be headlines and probably a court case.

I got the cane a few times I would not tell my parents as I would get a slap of them. The only time I caused a scene was when a male teacher hit me over the head with a book and I went out of class in to the yard and would not go in for the rest of the afternoon in protest Fudge

I had to go and play with the girls from mossley rd who used stamfords tennis courts for net ball.


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