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Hiding your Email Address
« on: May 05, 2009, 01:16 PM »
Hello everyone,

When you registered to become a member of this new forum, you may have noticed a little box that you could tick to hide your email address from others. It has been pointed out to me that, in some cases at least, this does not seem to work.

If you wanted your email address to be hidden, then you might need to do it again manually to make sure it stays hidden

This is what you do:
1. Click on the word "Profile" at the top, next to Home, Help, Search, etc.
2. Look on the left hand side, in the panel headed "Modify Profile".
3. Click "Account related settings".
4. Tick the little box next to "Hide email address from public".

If you do not hide your email address then it can be seen by other members when they click on your name or hover their mouse over the envelope under your name on a post. Your email address can not be seen by people who are not registered and logged in.

Important: I should point out that when you are logged in, you can always see your own email address, even if you have "hidden" it, although other people won't be able to!

There are some advantages to having your address visible - for instance someone who wants to send you an email just has to click on the envelope and their email program will open up with an email ready to send to you. However, some people may prefer to keep their email address to themselves and, when spam can be a big problem, this is understandable. An alternative could be to register for a new email address with something like Google Mail, and use that as your address here.

I didn't expect to find that something was broken quite so soon!

There are lots of other things you can do with your profile while you're there. You may have noticed that I've put a little picture in mine that appears next to my posts.