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Memory Lane / Guide Bridge Mill
« on: April 18, 2018, 06:47 PM »
Hi everyone!  I've been keeping an Album of my own life history for the family's future references, and yesterday in the process I was remembering when I started work at the age of 14 in August 1941 at Guide Bridge Mill on South Street, Guide Bridge.  The building is still there but is now definitely not an aircraft factory!   At that time it was called "Cornercroft (Northern) Ltd.", having been converted into making parts for aeroplanes during WW2, when it was a subsidiary of Cornercroft's in Coventry.   My Mother also worked there on the 6th floor climbing around ailerons and hammering away having climbed up stepladders!    It was very old of course,  having previously been a cotton mill and I remember a lot of the wooden floors were quite slippery and the stone steps between the six floors were very worn, shiny and dark.   Having searched everywhere I can think of on the internet, nowhere can find any information that covered its wartime production of aircraft parts, and conversion to pots and pans after the war ended.  I was still working there when I left to come to Canada in January 1947.   

I know for an absolute certainty Guide Bridge Mill was opened up and converted to wartime production of airplane parts when Cornercrofts in Coventry itself was blitzed  in November 1940, because one of their Managers, a Mr. W.M. Gascoigne, was transferred up to Guide Bridge and he boarded with my Grandma on Albemarle Terrace off Henrietta St.   That was, as well, how I came to be employed there and I still have my employment recommendation letter on their letterhead showing the name as "Cornercroft (Northern) Limited" a subsidiary of Cornercroft, Coventry.   

I realize a lot of the younger members on here wouldn't perhaps remember those times, but I was wondering if any of you with longer memories (like myself at 90 -  :o), have ever found any reference (or photos) to those years at the Guide Bridge Mill.   I also had an Aunt and Uncle (sadly long gone now), who lived at 3 Pelham St. which ran off South St. at the far end of the huge bay-door entrance to the Mill.   Those places are still there now but all with different names.   I do find it rather odd that such a great contribution to the War effort has never been recorded anywhere.   As a matter of fact, they also made the first of the "plastic" items to be manufactured after the war ended.  Egg cups on a plate, each cup being of a different colour - red, yellow, green and blue!   

Perhaps no-one will remember any of this, but I just thought I'd take a chance and hope!!   
Happy Spring everyone, and hope you all have far better weather than we're having here just now with day-time highs of only about 1 or 2C !!!    :(    Joyce

Ask a question.... / 1930's = 1940's Game - Pegotty
« on: August 20, 2017, 11:49 PM »
Hi, you Oldies - or at least anyone who was around during WWII!   :)       

I'm re-reading a series of really good U.K. books by Elizabeth Jane Howard about a family, (the Cazalets), and their activities and lifestyle during WWII.    Both young children and even older grown-ups mention they will  "have a game of "Pegotty"!   That's the correct spelling.   

I do not remember such a game in my early years and wondered if any of you very smart people can?   They lived both in London and Essex, but I'm sure it wasn't just relative to that area of the U.K. 

I've already searched the internet in several ways, but not one item has turned up a real answer, or even a mention (except as a person's name in a different book).     Now it's bugging the daylights out of me - was it a card game, a board game, or something else?   I thought I knew most of the games of those days in the U.K. but this one has stumped me.  Any answers would be very much appreciated, please and thank you   Joyce   ;D ;D


General Discussion / Guy Fawkes Night
« on: November 05, 2013, 02:49 PM »
Hi everyone....Just wondering if they still have Bonfire Night on Nov. 5th nowadays in the UK?  No-one has mentioned it and that's why I ask.    I don't even think it's known about over here.   I remember all the preparations, etc. beforehand when I was young, and the lovely warmth of the bonfire as we all stood around once it got dark and then, of course, the fireworks and rip-raps!  We were only allowed sparklers, but there was always something good to eat as well.  Perhaps long gone days now or perhaps too dangerous from the sparks with the new housing, etc.   ??? :D

Technical Matters / P.C. Woes
« on: October 28, 2013, 11:05 PM »
Hi folks....just to let you know that even though I've eventually got back on here (don't know how) I still have computer woes because even with my Antivirus fully on - some miserable so-and-so has infected my Internet Explorer browser (2 it says from my Avast scan).   All other desktop icons are working just fine so it's a bit of a mystery.   I had a thing that mentioned a "Rootkit" last week, but was afraid to do anything about it.  Guess I should have!  So, if I'm not on here it's because I'll have to get things fixed.   Bah and humbug!  Hope this post will go through.   My Outlook Express emails are working fine.  Joyce  >:(

Ask a question.... / Fudge
« on: June 14, 2013, 08:40 PM »
Hi everyone....I was just wondering if anyone knows if Fudge is okay?    She hasn't posted since May 30th, and although she might be away on holiday. and if she is I hope she's having a lovely time, but it's unusual for her to be silent for so long a time.......Joyce  :)

General Discussion / World Ice Skating Championships, London, Ont.
« on: March 13, 2013, 09:54 PM »
Just been watching on TV the CBC broadcating the first of the World Ice Skating Championship competitions taking place here in London, Ontario at the Budweiser Gardens (about 6km from me in downtown - next to the Covent Garden Market), five minutes walk from the River Thames!    ;D ;D   No, this isn't London, England, but I'm sure there are lots of people visiting from there to see this great event.
It will last until Sunday, March 17th and I was just wondering if any of you have even heard of all this taking place on your news?   (The new Pope Francis I of Argentina was shown making his first appearance on the Balcony at the same time, so I was switching back and forth - not that I'm Catholic, but just interested who they chose!).   
They say there's not a hotel room to be had here in London, and they've been heavy-duty-spraying and sprucing up all the street sidewalks, etc.  (which is no small feat when it's winter with dirty snow around and thousands of new people sightseeing), and everyone here is thrilled to little pieces.   While I was watching the Pairs Short Program, I couldn't see one empty seat inside the arena.  (The Russian pair came first, Canada 2nd in the Short Program).
I won't be enjoying the competitions from inside the Budweiser Gardens arena myself (which would be nice) but I do hope all goes well for the visiting skaters and their friends and families from all the countries involved and they take away a good impression of our little London, Ontario.    ;D ;D

Technical Matters / July 19th - A bad day!
« on: July 31, 2010, 08:28 PM »
Hi folks - hope everyone well and doing okay. 
Not been around since Monday, July 19th - I got a terrible computer virus (or something) and it changed my Windows XP settings so I couldn't even boot up!  Ended up I've had to buy a new (or at least very little used) Windows XP Hard Drive as I've heard the Windows 7 is much different and I hate change! 
Just back on the internet a couple of hours ago and fortunately a repairman has been able to restore all my photos and emails, but I've lost all my "favourite" websites and addresses and it will take me ages to replace most of those.  Some I never will as they were just very interesting places and were once a "favourite" and that's all I used as an address to go there - it was a long list of reference sites! 
Tell you what though ... I've now purchased a 500GB back-up device called "Clickfree" (on sale for almost half price last week, but the genuine thing) - no software needed - just plug it in, it does it's own thing and backs up everything the first time, then afterwards everything from the previous date.  You can restore or transfer items around, but I'm only interested in backing up for now!    Serves me right I guess for not having done it before!  However, I had the software discs for things like my printer, Canon Camera, mouse, etc... so that was a good thing.
I sure was lost without my "world contacts" though...never thought I'd ever see the day when I was lost without my computer.   :o ;D    Just shows you how times change!  ;D 

Technical Matters / 'LINKS' etc.
« on: April 26, 2010, 02:43 PM »
Hi Denise & Bill - was just reading some of your posts of yesterday (under Britain 2010 and Two More Stars Die) and for a long time I've been wondering how you just have the word LINK that we can click onto and read the article or photo or whatever.  The other way is for just a few words to be clicked onto and there by magic is the article, etc.
I know how to "copy and paste" most items, but am really curious as to how you do your link thing!  
By the way, I need really explicit instructions or I'll not be able to do the same if I try!   ::) ;D
Thanks a lot for your time, if you reply - it's driving me nuts trying to figure this one out for myself.   ??? ;D

Ask a question.... / Kardomah Cafe
« on: June 01, 2009, 07:34 PM »
Hi Bill - Looking at your Photo of George St. had reminded me of something I would like to ask - do any of you remember a Kardomah (spelling?) Cafe somewhere in that area of around Bow St. through to Stamford Street.  I know I went in there several times - possibly in the 40's up to late 1946, or it could have been in 1956 when I went home once.  I don't think it was a very big place but it was handy because it was between where I'd been to the market and could also catch a bus to go home at Yates Wine Lodge on Stamford St.  Of course, that is also now gone!   :'(  However, I just wish I could place exactly where it had been.  Anyone remember? 

General Discussion / Susan Boyle
« on: June 01, 2009, 06:27 PM »
Hi everyone! 
I've been watching on here for comments and am really surprised no one, especially in the UK, has mentioned the just-ended Series 3 of Britain's Got Talent on TV.   Perhaps you're all fed up with the hype but even here in Canada I was really interested and anxious to see how Susan Boyle did.  I think she has an absolutely tremendous voice and I felt truly sorry for the assaults on her image and now she's had to seek refuge for a few days to calm down.  What a shame as far as I'm concerned, and I wondered if any of you had an opinion, pro and/or con?   
I think "Diversity" who won this series are excellent too (and I only wish I had one hundredth of their fabulous energy - LOL),  but their future appearances will likely be limited, when even though Susan Boyle came in second her talent and voice will and can be heard by millions the world over without a TV or being there in person to see a performance.   I also believe that her greatest personal desire was to be able to sing before The Queen, and also to prove in memory of her mother that she "could make it".   She did anyway as far as I'm concerned.   ;D
Good luck, Susan.  I loved your renditions of "I Dreamed a Dream" and "Memory"!  Joyce

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