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Post by: greeny on September 26, 2016, 10:03 AM
hi is fly tipping getting worse or better in your area , there are some spots around ashton  they could fill a bin wagon with whats been dumped is it because the bin are not emptied as often ? or is just laziness once they start dumping rubbish it becomes the norm and more and more bags of rubbish appear ,any waste land back alleys becomes a target ,not small items either fridges ,materess .you name it it is dumped what is the answer to it ?  :(  do they have the same problem in other parts of the world , also i see a lot of bins that have not been emptied because people have put the wrong waste in the wrong bins , they over flow and the next thing rubbish is just dumped at the side of the bin a vicious circle  :(
Post by: Joyce_in_Canada on September 26, 2016, 05:06 PM
Hi Greeny!  Now that I realize what the term 'fly tipping' means  ;)  I can only speak for what I observe around my immediate neighbourhood, but can also report what the City of London also say.
There must be problems of the kind you describe in some areas, but every six months the City issues a small calendar-like booklet to all households in each of the different areas (I'm in area "A")  which gives every aspect of how to dispose of garbage and waste of all kinds, on what days of the week, and how much each household can put out in weight, etc..   About every 5 to 6 weeks they also have what they call a "Green Week" when we put all our garden waste (except grass clippings) at the curb, which must be in heavy-duty paper bags which we purchase,  to be picked up some time during that week in our own area.    I'd say that most people try to adhere to the rules and regulations which means I've never seen any garbage (trash) left after the trucks have gone, although they often leave the bins just thrown onto lawns or driveways and if paper blows around or gets out of the blue box, they won't pick that up!!    Other neighbours at home will usually pick up bins if they've blown onto the road.
However, the City does have Depots where you have to take specialized items which are out of the reach of perhaps a lot of people like myself - I won't drive in those areas because of their distant location - so we just have to hang onto them or pay someone to remove them for us.   I have several such items sitting in my garage at the moment!   >:(
Having said that, I think most householders seem to adhere to the rules, and every so often the City also has a "public volunteer clean-up" day and they go along such places as the Thames River areas, and the published results show that a lot of people must dump all kinds of things there, not just litter.  TV's, shopping carts, pieces of furniture, broken items, including lots of plastic bottles, etc.   The other time when the City has a difficult time is when the University kids go home at the end of terms and all kinds of their temporary living quarters furniture and trash are dumped right on the street, and this costs a lot more money to have it all cleared away.   
Apartment buildings and stores, etc. have huge dump trucks, usually outside the rear of their buildings,  and I think a lot of people heave stuff in there at night just to get rid of it from their homes.  Most of us also wish that London would have more pick-up days than present, because if a holiday weekend comes into your pickup day, then you have an extra long time to wait for your own day to come around, which makes it about every 10 days or so.   
All in all, tho, I'd say that most  householders in subdivisions are pretty conscientious, except maybe in the downtown areas where an awful lot of stores are now empty and there is no-one to supervise what people throw away.  :-\    Joyce
Post by: KENNETHO on September 26, 2016, 05:51 PM
yes we find some people dump  stuff in remote areas but around our  areas the  towns do have large pickp days when you can leave furniture and heavy stuffpicked up also some people will cruise around on those days and take whatthey want for themselves  some of them are second  hand  dealers and take their hau  to the fleamarket i think they have thosq  pickup  days  once  a month which  is a big  help    cheers  kennetho
Post by: greeny on September 27, 2016, 11:39 AM
hi thanks for the info on your part of the world , the service the council in ashton for household waste is good to excellent, they do have a bulk collection service i think you might have to pay a small fee ? also you can take most everything to tip there is one at drolysden and stalybridge which there is no fee unless you are a private company getting rid of waste , the 4 bins they collect brown for garden and food waste ,which is collected every week, blue paper and cardboard every three weeks , and black for plastic tins and glass , and green for landfill which are collected every other week , the service is very good , but if the bins have the wrong waste in they will not collect , once the bins were kept at the rear of your house in many cases still do , but some areas people leave them at the front or in the street so any one wanting to get rid waste  flytip will just dump waste in the nearest bin being the right or wrong bin so understandable they will not take them away what is the answer ? >:(
Post by: KENNETHO on September 27, 2016, 02:48 PM
fly  tipping  reminds  me of the time i worked for  the schoolboard  at the high school we had a  large  dumbster  at the back of the building for all our waste before recycling quite often it would b full of stuff put in by people doing a bit of d i y  work at home or a small constuction company my boss made  me put a lock on  it so the fly tipers just left their trash at the side so that was the end f the lock as we had to clean it up after that when it got full i phoned the dumbster  company for  an extrapickup it cost the board  per  pickup and my job was to keep the school  tidy  so be it
Post by: jaywit on September 27, 2016, 11:03 PM
I have pictures taken on one of my visits to Ashton.
Around Holy Trinity the alleyways off Bentinck St. were an eyesore.I don't know what sort of people live there but they must go by the premise of out of site out of mind.
The thing they don't realize is it will eventually be seen.
Some people will live in a $hit tip but it is sad that the dumpers can and do ruin a reasonable area.
If the cap fits,wear it.
Post by: KENNETHO on September 28, 2016, 12:27 AM
many  years  ago my sisterinlaw went back to ashton visiting her  family and she tol;d us when she returned that she was surprised at some of the mess in some  areas  she went  to the town  offices  to  complain..thats how she was god bless her soul she passed away a few years  ago
Post by: Fudge on September 28, 2016, 11:04 AM
It is the people who just dump things any were that cause the problems. I live in a shared back and it is always kept clean and tidy, We share a black bin for Cans plastic and glass between 5 houses the blue between 3 houses the brown between 8 houses we have no problems recycling the bin that gets  full is the blue bin with papers I also make sure ice cream boxes are cut down so the are flat when I put them in my rubbish bag for my green bin. People are putting anything in the bins so that causes problems as well, And people were dumping long before the change over Fudge